Powerful Green Laser 10000mw

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Package Included:
1 x Green Light Laser Pen

1. The light can be used to point at any desired target on projection screen, video or objects at a distance etc.
2. Pen-sized and lightweight that you can put it your pocket or handbag.
3. Green color light, which is easy for you to find the target and outline the key point.
4. With tail clip , convenient to store and won't miss
5.5 patterns,very interesting

1. Don't irradiated the eyes of humans and animals directly
2. Not recommends continuous open the laser pen more than 30 seconds ,or it will overheating and affect the life of the laser
3. Please remove the battery when not in use, don't let the child get
4. If found seriously reduce brightness, please note to charge the battery or replace battery

1.Product name:Green Light Laser Pen
2.Power supply : 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
3.Body material: Copper+Aluminum
5.Light color: Green
6.Size: φ14×155mm