ZeroGerm™ Sanitizer 2.0

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People Are Getting Crazy over these Sterilizers!!!

Features and Benefits:

  • Portable & Easy To Use
  • Built-in Automatic Timer
  • Fits All Cell Phones Sizes
  • Built-In Aroma Therapy Diffuser
  • Charge & Sanitize at the Same Time
  • Cleans and Sanitizes in Just 5 Minutes!
  • Kills 99.99% of Bacteria and with UV Light Technology

Sanitize your Phone, Earphones, Toothbrushes, Watches, Toys, Pacifiers, Glasses, Keys, Jewelry And Much More!

    Simply add a couple drops of your favorite aromatic oil inside to freshen your phone while sanitizing!


      Zero Germ is simple—it uses UV light to kill stuff— the science behind it is a little more complex. In Fact,  Xenex Disinfection Service, a San Antonio-based cleaning service that employs UV-emitting robots to clean areas studies the Product.

      Xenex’s Dr. Deborah Passey, a clinical scientist at Xenex, said that the kind of light used to kill bacteria is known as UV-C light. The sun also produces this type of UV light but the Earth’s atmosphere blocks it out.

      She also said, UV-C light is able to make changes to the inner workings of Bacteria and Viruses (“microorganisms”) such that they die. Here’s her scientific version of our basic explanation:

      “The absorption of UV-C can result in the formation of dimers in DNA, which can lead to mutations or cell death of the microorganism. The dimers produced by UV-C exposure result in the inactivation of bacteria and DNA viruses.”